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Landscape Collection

Praesent nisl tortor

Elysian Fields


Lingering Shadows

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Life in Vermont is rich with landscapes that dazzle on a regular basis.  Suzanne Clark captures that morning sun, the screen door, the shanty on the lake, the lazy sheep in the meadow.

If you’d like the bucolic farm landscape to grace your home or office, Suzanne Clark’s landscape collection is a welcome addition to any avid art collector.

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Giclée prints have an effective resolution of 1800 dots per inch (DPI), higher than the 1200 DPI of traditional lithographs, and are printed utilizing an 8-color process yielding outstanding detail and color quality

The archival properties of giclée prints have undergone extensive independent research, and under proper display conditions can actually outlast many original watercolors. It must be remembered, however, that all color can fade, and the actual life of any print or painting will be dependent on the inks used, the paper or other media, and the actual display conditions experienced.

These prints should be handled as an original painting, preferably framed under UV resistant glass, protected from moisture and kept out of direct sunlight.

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